Sheriff Koutoujian Biography

Peter J. Koutoujian is the 30th Sheriff of Middlesex County, having been sworn-in for his second term on Jan. 4, 2017.

During his term in office, Sheriff Koutoujian has focused on launching a new era at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office with a series of initiatives aimed at increasing public confidence, providing a safer working environment for staff, and improving the lives of those in its custody. 

From his first day in office, Sheriff Koutoujian implemented new hiring and promotional practices intended to further professionalize the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.  Those included promotional exams for employees as well as the completion of four academy graduation classes in four years, yielding 150 new full time, academy trained officers. 

Another top priority upon becoming Sheriff was the relocation of the Middlesex Jail located on the top floors of the Edward J. Sullivan Court House in Cambridge.  For years, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office was the lone occupant of the otherwise abandoned high rise.  In June of 2014, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office safely departed the aging complex and relocated to our main facility.  Nearly one year from that date, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office was accredited by the prestigious American Correctional Association, recognizing “the best of the best” in the correctional field. 

The Sheriff has also prioritized the need to provide innovative treatment and programming for those in the custody of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, underscoring this important window of opportunity to address the factors that led to the criminal behavior of those who are incarcerated. 

As a former public health official, Sheriff Koutoujian recognizes the essential role of health care in continuing to rehabilitate the justice-involved.  He has led an effort throughout the Commonwealth to utilize health insurance as a tool to reduce recidivism while saving taxpayer dollars by enrolling individuals to coincide with their date of release, allowing for access to critical substance abuse and behavioral health-related resources upon returning to the community.

Sheriff Koutoujian is a member of several local and national organizations including the Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association, the National Sheriffs' Association and the Major County Sheriffs' Association.  Additionally, he is a founding member of Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime & Incarceration.

A graduate of Bridgewater State University, the New England School of Law, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration, Sheriff Koutoujian is a lifelong resident of Waltham where he lives with his wife Elizabeth Cerda and their three children.