Treatment Programs

Today, the majority of individuals in our custody are dealing with addiction, behavioral health or anger management issues.

Among our sentenced population, more than 80 percent of men self-report an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  During calendar year 2016, 46 percent of all new intakes at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction reported a history of mental health issues and 42 percent required medical detoxification for addiction to drugs or alcohol.

These issues are frequently underlying factors in the activity which brings individuals in contact with the criminal justice system. Helping individuals address these issues while incarcerated is a key to reducing the chances they have repeat contact with law enforcement following their release.

With this in mind, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office offers a variety of programs including – but not limited to – medication assisted treatment, traditional 12-step self-help groups, cognitive behavioral classes, parenting classes, anger management classes and victim impact panels.