Housing Unit for Military Veterans (HUMV)

The Housing Unit for Military Veterans - or HUMV - opened in January 2016 and is the first correctional unit in Massachusetts specifically designed for individuals who have served in the military.  The unit is open to both sentenced and pretrial individuals, who have served at home or abroad.  

HUMV was conceived and designed as a collaborative effort of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office together with incarcerated veterans with a goal of treating and preparing them for successful reentry.

HUMV combines wellness and treatment programs, as well as guest speakers and allows veterans to call on their cameraderie and their shared military experiences to address the challenges which have led to their incarceration.

HUMV is similar to a modified therapeutic community, where a typical day includes lectures and cognitive behavioral therapy groups, among other programs.  Participants also have regular meetings with state and federal veterans affairs representatives, as well well as access to substance abuse treatment and vocational and employment readiness training.

HUMV staff work with incarcerated individuals to create individualized comprehensive reentry plans which address the specific needs of each veteran and regularly works with the Veterans Court to divert appropriate cases.

With this unit, we are helping those who have served our nation find their way to better days.