Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Youth Public Safety Academy (YPSA) and its activities. If you have a question not answered by the responses below, please feel free to contact the YPSA Office at 978-495-7410.



How much does it cost for my child to attend the YPSA?

The cost of YPSA is $100.00 which includes breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks, transportation, and a fun week of camp! YPSA does offer a limited number of scholarships for families that are experiencing financial challenges. For more information on the YPSA scholarship program please call the YPSA office at 978-495-7410. 


Do I need to submit payment on Registration Day? When is it due?

Payment is not due with the application. After we process your application, parents and guardians will receive an acceptance letter. The letter will include camp information, a link to make payment, and supplemental forms.


Will I automatically know my child was accepted after registering?

Acceptance letters are sent out after the properly completed applications are reviewed. Any parent is welcome to check on the status of an application by calling the YPSA office at 978-495-7410.


Is there a waitlist for a bus stop location that is filled to capacity?

Yes. You can add your child to the waitlist for any location. If your bus stop location is not listed on the online application, it has reached the safety capacity. Please call 978-495-7410 to inquire about our waitlist.


How are applicants selected?

Applications are selected in the order that they are submitted. The YPSA does not use a lottery system.


Camp Information

What are the hours of the YPSA?

The bus will pick up the cadets at the designated bus stop at 8:00AM and drop off the cadets at 2:45PM. If parents are directly dropping off cadets at the camp in Chelmsford, the drop off is 8:30AM and pick up is 2:15PM.


What activities will my child be involved in at YPSA?

The specific activities for YPSA may vary from week-to-week, however each program is chosen for its educational benefit. Some regular programs at YPSA include fire safety training, demonstrations from law enforcement K-9s and special operations, classroom instruction on emergency preparedness, as well as arts and crafts and lots of fun games. If you have a question on a specific activity or program, you can contact the YPSA office at 978-495-7410.


My child is 7 years old but will be turning 8 this year, can he/she still attend?

Any child turning 8 years old by July 1st is eligible to attend.


My child is a picky eater/has allergies, can I send them with food?

Yes. Parents or guardians can send specific food for their children. You will be able to note that on the supplementary forms you fill out after acceptance.


What food is provided at the camp?

The meals and snacks provided at YPSA have been reviewed by a nutritionist to provide a healthy balance of food for the age group that we serve. Water, milk, sports drinks and seltzer are also provided to keep cadets hydrated. Specific questions about the weekly menu can be directed to the YPSA office at 978-495-7410.


My child has maxed out on the age for attending YPSA. They have attended in the past and loved it. Is it possible for he/she to become a Counselor-In-Training?

Yes. Sheriff Koutoujian created the YPSA Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program for cadets that enjoyed the program and want to learn leadership skills from the YPSA staff. CITs need to submit an online application using the same application as a cadet; being a CIT still counts as a camp attendee and requires the $100.00 registration fee. Their parent or guardian should add a note in the comment section at the end of the application that the child would like to participate in the CIT Program. The camp director will then follow up with the parent.


Bus Pick-up and Drop-off

Where is the bus stop location in my community?

There will be multiple buses during each week of camp. For the 2023 Academy, some stops have merged (locations listed with a slash). All accepted families will receive an email prior to the camp with detailed information regarding pick-up and drop-off for each day of camp.


We recently moved to a community that is not listed, is it possible to sign up for a certain community nearby?

Yes. Any child in Middlesex County can attend any week the family wants as long as they can get to a bus stop or be able to drop off and pick up their cadet at the YPSA in Chelmsford.


If my child doesn’t get into the week we had hoped for, is it possible to attend another community’s week?

Yes. Any child in Middlesex County can attend any week the family wants as long as they can get to a bus stop or be able to drop off and pick up at the YPSA in Chelmsford.


Is there adult supervision on the bus?

Yes. In addition to the professional bus driver, the YPSA has two counselors on each bus. There is specific training during the week of staff orientation that reviews bus safety procedures. Parents and guardians will be working closely with the counselors to check in their child and pick up their child each day. The counselors also have a complete list of all information regarding who can pick up the children and any medical issues.


Can my child walk home from the bus stop without a parent?

No. For safety reasons, a child must be picked up by a parent, guardian or other adult designated on the supplementary forms. A child cannot be picked up by an older sibling unless they are 18 years old or older.