Phone Scams - Impersonating Law Enforcement

The Middlesex Sheriff's Office wants area residents to be aware of continuing phone scams in which perpetrators pose as members of law enforcement.  This type of scam has been reported nationally as well as within Middlesex County.

These arrest scams take many forms, but in most cases the callers will inform victims a warrant has been issued for their arrest for failure to appear for jury duty, failure to pay taxes or other similar offenses.  Callers may use the names of real members of law enforcement and may disguise their telephone numbers to make them appear as though they are coming from a local police department or sheriff's office.

The Middlesex Sheriff's Office reminds residents:

  • Legitimate law enforcement will never threaten arrest over the phone
  • Legitimate law enforcement will never demand a fine or fee be paid using a gift card or cryptocurrency

Residents can protect themselves by:

  • Never providing your Social Security number or date of birth to anyone who contacts you unsolicited
  • Never providing any financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers
  • Never purchasing a product (gift card, cryptocurrency) to pay a debt

If you receive a call regarding a debt or warrant from an individual claiming to be a member of law enforcement, get the name of the individual, hang up the phone and look up the agency's main telephone line.  Call the main line - not one provided by the caller - and ask for that officer or deputy.  Please remain on the line to speak with that individual and confirm the inquiry is legitimate.

Residents who receive scam calls in which individuals identify themselves as MSO deputies may contact the MSO at 978-667-1711 and ask to speak with the Inner Perimeter Security (IPS) Unit.  Individuals are also encouraged to notify their local police department.