Mission Statement

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office improves the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment for staff, offenders and communities, working with our partners in law enforcement and criminal justice. We take pride in preparing offenders for re-entry by providing a comprehensive risk assessment and individualized treatment, educational and vocational plans. 
Honoring our fiscal responsibility, we accomplish our mission by empowering our highly-trained staff, through our core beliefs of:

We are trustworthy. 
We build our organization on the foundation of the honesty, integrity and accountability of our men and women. As role-models we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards.

We are respectful. 
We treat all employees, offenders and citizens in a fair and equitable manner by embracing diversity with dignity, honor and compassion.

We are innovative. 
We are dedicated to evolving and creating positive change with a focus on continuous growth, improvement and sound fiscal policy. We lead and shape the field of public safety by creating cutting edge and trend setting initiatives.

Professional Excellence 
We exemplify professional excellence. 
We proudly serve our community through training, education and teamwork, providing a high level of performance. We adhere to the best practices and highest standards.