Inner Perimeter Security

The Inner Perimeter Security (I.P.S.) Unit works under the umbrella of the Security Division, and investigates all crimes committed at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction.

An I.P.S. Unit is an integral part of any correctional facility.  The day-to-day operations for the IPS Unit include matters such as investigating assaults, searches, breaches of security and the gathering of intelligence. The information and evidence they gather is not only important to criminal investigations but equally as important in proactively preventing incidents before they occur.

The I.P.S. Unit investigates hundreds of incidents each year, presents criminal cases to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office for prosecution and conducts joint investigations with other law enforcement agencies in the state. The IPS Unit supports all departments of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office by promoting safety, security and welfare for all staff, inmates, detainees and all citizens of Middlesex County.