Family Resource and Outreach Coordinator

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office has established a first-of-its-kind position in the Commonwealth designed to enhance support for the loved ones of those incarcerated at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction.

The Family Resource and Outreach Coordinator will work with correctional staff to respond to inquiries, requests, concerns and/or complaints raised by family members of individuals in the custody of the MSO.  The Coordinator will also engage families through outreach and education and provide information, assistance, referrals and support to family members during the incarceration period.  

Additionally, the Coordinator will work to educate family members about rules and policies regarding visits, mail and telephone contact and other routine information, as well as conduct proactive outreach to families when incarcerated individuals are identified by staff as being in distress or experiencing a crisis.

Those wishing to contact Family Resource and Outreach Coordinator Lili Bonilla may do so by calling 978-932-3517 or emailing [email protected].  Individuals or families with urgent concerns outside of normal business hours should contact 978-667-1711 ext. 0.