Acton Police utilizing Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Mobile Training Center

Acton PD trains in MTCActon Police officers are this week completing interactive, scenario-based firearms training utilizing the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Mobile Training Center (MTC), Police Chief Richard Burrows and Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian announced today.

Members of the Acton Police Department (APD) were training on the MTC with the assistance of APD firearms instructors and Middlesex Sheriff’s Office deputies.

“The Mobile Training Center is a valuable resource we are pleased to be able to make available to our colleagues. The MTC allows officers to work through a range of realistic scenarios, including traffic stops, domestic disputes and situations in which individuals are displaying signs of being in crisis,” said Sheriff Koutoujian. “Most importantly, it requires officers to call on the totality of their training and experience, in an attempt to peacefully resolve situations. In all scenarios, a heavy emphasis is placed on effective communication.”

During training exercises, officers are placed in a realistic environment and must be prepared for situations that occur at night, inside buildings, in crowds, at vehicle stops and other low visibility or high- risk incidents.

According to Chief Burrows, “This is a great opportunity for our officers to train in very realistic scenarios. They receive instant feedback on their performance and are able to see the results of effective communication. This system also allows them to practice de-escalation techniques. We appreciate the professional relationship we have with the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.”

The MTC was purchased by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office with federal grant funds in 2010 and has been utilized by numerous local departments including those in Concord, Carlisle and Littleton and Boxborough.