Victim Services Unit

The Victim Services Unit provides post conviction informational and support services to victims of crime. The Victim Services Unit is notified of any changes in an inmate’s classification and within 14 days prior to the change taking effect, the victim is notified.

The Victim Services Unit collaborates with other victim services in other Sheriff’s Departments, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, the Sex Offender Registry Board, the Massachusetts Parole Board, state and local police departments and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office to make sure all victims are receiving the information they are entitled to. We also interact with the community to improve victim services throughout the Commonwealth.

Services include:

  • Current status of inmate

  • Victim safety awareness

  • Advice on securing protective orders

  • Crisis intervention

  • Phone counseling

  • Referrals to state and community resources / shelters

  • Referrals to local organizations for free victim safety cell phones

Outside Resources:
Jane Doe
REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance
Sex Offender Registry Board
Massachusetts Parole Board
USDOJ Office for Victims of Crime
Homeland Security Victim Notification Program