Health Services Unit

The Health Services Unit (HSU) provides a wide range of services to both the pre-trial and sentenced populations at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction.

In 2016, HSU staff had more than 178,700 contacts with individuals awaiting trial or serving sentences. Those contacts include but are not limited to physicals, sick calls, mental health consultations, optometry and physical therapy. Medical staff is available twenty-four hours seven days a week. The HSU has a twenty bed in-patient unit, fifteen of which are allocated to the regional Evaluation and Stabilization Unit (ESU). Care beyond the capabilities of what can be delivered on the grounds – including cancer treatments and surgeries – is provided at outside hospitals.

An individual’s first HSU contact comes as part of the intake process, where they are screened and undergo initial assessments for substance abuse and behavioral health issues. During calendar year 2016, 46 percent of new intakes reported a history of mental health issues and 42 percent required medical detoxification for addiction to drugs or alcohol. More than 80 percent of those serving committed time self-identify with an underlying addiction issue.